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From basket making to rubber stamping, these creative activities will spark the imagination while teaching valuable science and nature concepts.

American Indian Crafts
Celebrate native cultural heritage with these engaging basket-weaving, wood, and pottery crafts. Discover why the American Indians are noted for their environmental awareness with these natural-material kits.
Drawing and Art Supplies
Learn to stencil, draw, or watercolor...and decorate your new art with colored leaves! This section has everything you need to record the natural beauty found all around you.
Flower & Leaf Presses
With this selection of basic to advanced presses, you can preserve leaves, flowers, or entire specimens to use in a variety of art projects! Included in this section are refills such as extra blotters, ventilators and expansion packs.
Kaleidoscope Kit
A unique kit that includes everything necessary to create a kaleidoscope from natural materials.
Lacing Cards
This fun craft for children ages 5+ improves manual dexterity, reinforces pattern recognition, and allows for hours of creative play as children lace and unlace the colorful images. Each set contains 5 scenes.
Paper Making and Paper Casting
In paper making, recycled paper and other fibrous materials can be made into beautiful, creative papers. Paper casting is similar to paper making but in the case of casting, liquefied papers are pressed into molds to produce beautiful raised patterns and designs that can be used in artwork, cards, or displays. Both can be found in this section.
Plastic & Plaster Molding Kits
A variety of different artistic mold-making themes are available in this section. It includes sets of clear plastic molds that can be filled with plaster of Paris, clay, sand, soap, paper mache, chocolate, or gelatin! It also includes Eyewitness Casting Kits, which allow you to cast and then paint your own replicas on their PerfectCast casting material!
Rubber Stamp Kits & Ink Pads
Our nature-inspired rubber stamps are a great way to promote learning while enjoying the decorative art of stamping. This section includes two types of kits and child-safe inks.
Rubbing Plates
Rubbing plates offer a creative way for children ages 5-12 to learn about science and nature while having fun. Simply lay a sheet of paper over the top and rub with colored pencils to produce beautiful works of art!
Sunprint Kits (Photosensitive Paper)
Sunprint art utilizes sun-sensitive paper that can be developed using plain tap water. Natural objects such as ferns, feathers, flowers or leaves are placed under a transparent cover (provided) and exposed to the sun for from 1-5 minutes. Fun for all ages.

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