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In this section you will find a series of educational displays, each carefully mounted in glass-topped display cases. Each set of specimens has been collected, preserved and prepared by experienced curators, and showcased in sturdy displays that offer a wonderful hands-on addition to classroom learning centers, nature centers, museums or the home.

  Exhibit Display Cases
Acorn Naturalists offers display cases that offer protection for anything you want to preserve. We have museum quality clear rectangular displays as well as glass and plastic-topped Riker-style display cases. Protect and display skull replicas, talon, claw or tooth replicas or dried flowers, seeds, owl pellet bones, gemstones, fossils or any other collectables that you want to display and protect.
  Acorn Naturalists Displays and Kits
Acorn Naturalists has developed a wide array of unique hands-on science and nature activity kits, games, and modules for teachers, outdoor educators and parents. In this section you will find a selection educational resources available exclusively from Acorn Naturalists.
  Animal Signatures® Displays
Just as we learn to identify the handwriting of others, we can learn to read signatures left by wildlife. Even if one does not see the animals, by recognizing animal clues, it is possible to determine which animals are in the area, and approximately when they were there. This unique set of 6" x 8" glass-topped animal clue displays provide real examples of these signatures, as found on school grounds, backyards, fields, in parks. Samples are ethically collected—for example, our feather clue display uses only naturally shed domestic fowl feathers. Eggs are from infertile domestic fowl. Squirrel cones are collected after squirrels have secured their meal and tossed them aside. Animal Signatures® displays will spark discussion and interest with ages 9-adult.
  Science and Nature Educational Displays
In this section you will find an alphabetical listing of the science and nature displays offered by Acorn Naturalists. All are professionally mounted and labeled in glass-topped cases.
  Botanical Displays
In this section you will find a wide variety of botanical displays to help students learn about plant diversity, adaptations and identification. Included are displays of leaf shapes and arrangements, stem adaptations, leaf venation, lichen forms, monocot and dicot characteristics, fern life cycles, conifer life cycles, algae types, wildflowers, fungi, poison ivy identification, comparisons of hardwoods and softwoods, fruit types, commercial grains and oak leaves and acorns. All botanical displays are museum-quality and are mounted in glass-topped display cases.
  Tree Ring Displays and Kits
Acorn Naturalists now offers a wide selection of tree limb cross sections. These quality rounds range in size from 2" to 5" across by 1/4"-1/2" thick and allow for clear reading of growth rings. Tree rings vary in size and appearance depending on growing conditions and species variations. Oaks can be identified by their characteristic radial rays, all show classic seasonal dry/wet ring patterns. Tree rounds provide an ideal hands-on resource for introducing students to botany, forestry, dendrology and methods scientists use to determine past climatic conditions. Acorn Naturalists offers a varied selection of fourteen different tree rounds: six eastern/midwestern species are offered along with eight western species. Also available is a bark beetle life cycle demonstration kit and two tree round discovery kits (eastern and western).
  Owl Pellet Displays
Two displays are now available: Owl Pellets and their Prey provides a superb reference collection for students and teachers - perfect for discussions of predator-prey relationships. This mount includes a complete owl pellet, a partially dissected owl pellet showing skeletal remains, and skulls with mandibles of five common prey found in owl pellets (shrew, mouse, vole, rat, and pocket gopher) from pellet dissections. The other display, Owl Pellet Dissections features a complete owl pellet, a partially dissected pellet showing mammalian prey, and a partially dissected pellet showing avian remains, all sealed with casting acrylic and placed in a beautiful glass-topped display for years of use.
  Scat Displays
Scat samples provide valuable clues both to the presence of an animal as well as diet. These unique collections of real scat samples features a mix of both invertebrate and vertebrate scat. Each specimen has been carefully freeze-dried all are sealed within glass-topped exhibit cases. Silhouettes of each animal appear alongside the scat sample.
  Ecological Relationships Displays
Included is a fascinating display describing six ecological relationships with their negative, beneficial, or neutral results. Includes cooperative and obligatory mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, competition, and neutralism as demonstrated by plant and insect examples. Also included is a recycling display showing natural resources that are increasingly being recycled.

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