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Fish printing, or Gyotaku, incorporates science (fish diversity, anatomy, ecology), art (create colorful paintings, note cards, displays), math (measure and count fins, proportions, count fin rays), reading (use with stories about aquatic environments) and creative writing (write fact or fiction about the fish prints). All ages and abilities can enjoy creating beautiful, unique, artistic prints. We now offer a wide selection of fresh and saltwater varieties.

  Alphabetical Listing of all Fish Replicas
This section features a complete listing of all of the fish printing replicas we offer in alphabetical order. These replicas are made from flexible vinyl for making perfect fish prints. No odor or waste as occurs when using real fish. Simply wash off after each use and these tough replicas will last for many years.
  Freshwater Fish Replicas
This section features a complete listing of all of the freshwater species of fish available for making fish prints or Gyotaku art.
  Saltwater Fish Replicas
This section features a complete listing of all of the saltwater species of fish available for making fish prints or Gyotaku art.
  Fish Printing Kits
These kits contain everything you need to make your own professional fish prints. Each versions includes three different fish, three tubes of printing ink, a brayer (rubber roller), three plastic plates for spreading ink with the brayer, descriptions of each fish and complete directions. All materials are conveniently packaged in a useful storage box.
  Marine Algae Rubber Stamps
Custom designed from images of marine algae created from photographs taken in the field. Perfect supplement to fish printing or other art projects. Each rubber stamp measures 3" x 4" and is permanently mounted on an easy-to-grip wood block. Each different design is beautifully etched into the top of the wooden stamp block, allowing you to position the image exactly where you want it to appear.
  Inks for Fish Print Art
These specialty inks are perfect for making beautiful fish prints on any kind of paper. Unlike many other fish printing inks or paints, these wash off easily with soap and water. Available in a rainbow of colors, you can also mix colors to make your own shades and variations. Each 37 cc tube will ink about 40 nine-inch fish. To expand design options, we also carry ink extender (increases transparency) and ink retarder (slows drying time).
  Brayer for Spreading Inks
This brayer is perfect for spreading inks on plastic plates prior to inking the fish replicas. Heavy duty comfort-grip handle with thumb rest. Features durable rubber roller with metal core. Built for classroom use, clean with soap and water.

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