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Resource Description
INTERPRETIVE MASTER PLANNING (two volume set). These two publications offer a wealth of information on how to plan and design interpretive facilities and services. Volume one reviews the basic principles of interpretation as well as the interpretive planning process, planning and designing interpretive trails and tours, planning interpretive exhibits and tips for conducting engaging interpretive programs. Volume two offers a wealth of information on different approaches to interpretative planning along with specific case studies to illustrate different approaches. Includes details on planning and designing interpretive exhibits, graphics standards for outdoor panels, ideas for marketing interpretive programs along with helpful evaluation tools. #IN-19264.

CONTENTS OF VOLUME ONE: Interpretive Master Planning - Strategies for the New Millennium.

1. Interpreting to Visitors: Learning Concepts •Why Are We Here - Remember the Visitor? •Recreational Learning

2. Introduction to Interpretation •Tilden's Interpretive Principles •Verbal and Non-verbal Communication •The Model of Interpretation

3. The Interpretive Planning Process •Planning for Interpretive Planning •The Planning Team •An Interpretive Planning Model •The What Section •The Why Section •The Who Section •How, When and Where To Plan, Design, and Present Interpretive Programs and Services •Implementation and Operations •The So What Section •Interpretive Systems Planning

4. Planning and Designing Interpretive Self-Guiding Trails, Tours, and Byways •Planning Self-Guiding Trails •Planning for Self-Guided Tours

5. Planning for Interpretive Exhibits

6. Planning Conducted Interpretive Programs

CONTENTS OF VOLUME TWO: Interpretive Master Planning - Philosophy, Theory and Practice

1. Interpretive Philosophy, Theory and Practice •An Overview of Interpretive Philosophy and Principles •Exactly What is Interpretation? •Creating Interpretive Themes •Developing Successful Partnerships •The State of Interpretation In Malta: Bringing 7000 years of history to life •Interpretation as a Management Tool •Interpreting Cemeteries and Gravestones •Guidelines for Interpreting Critical Issues •Interpretive Communication: The Key to Successful Heritage Marketing Planning and Program Design •Interpretive Planning for the Next Millennium •Request for Proposal/Tender Guidelines and Template Resource Guide for Interpretive Projects. •The Language of Live Interpretation •Using Interpretive Themes and Objectives will make your Program Planning Easier and More Effective •Why Heritage Sites Need Interpretation for their Long Term Survival •Why Your Scenic Byway Can’t Succeed without Real Interpretation •Interpretive Program Planning Worksheet •Live Interpretive Program Worksheets

2. Interpretive Planning •Interpretive Planning Keeps Your Garden Growing •An Interpretive Plan Outline •Interpretive Planning for Exportable Interpretation •Is your Scenic Byway Interpretation Sustainable? •Planning for Interpretive Training Courses •Planning for Interpretive Walking Tours •Pacing Interpretive Services: A Concept for Interpretive Planners •Interpretive Planning for Regional Visitor Experiences

3. Interpretive Exhibits Planning and Design •Tips and Concepts for Planning Truly Interpretive Exhibits •Planning for Truly Interpretive Panels

4. Interpretive Graphic Standards for Outdoor Panels •Interpretive Graphic Standards

5. Interpretive Marketing •Marketing Basics for Heritage Sites and Attractions: It’s All About the Visitors •A Practical Guide for Developing Marketing Brochures for Heritage Sites and Attractions

6. Evaluation of Interpretive Programs and Exhibits •An Evaluation Package for Visitor Centers and Museums •Exhibit Evaluation for Children’s Exhibits: The Kirby Science Center Experience

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