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LIFE ON THE EDGE, A Guide to Pacific Coastal Habitats (DVD).

ITEM #: DVD-12354
RETAIL: $29.95
PRICE: $17.97

Resource Description
LIFE ON THE EDGE, A Guide to Pacific Coastal Habitats DVD. Earthwise Media, Seattle Aquarium. A fine introduction to life along sandy beaches, eelgrass beds, estuaries, kelp forests, and rocky shorelines. Includes teacher’s guide with ideas and questions that can be tailored to fit your specific location. Perfect for grades 4-10. #DVD-12354.

Additional information from the producer, Nancy Sefton:

Explore key Pacific coastal habitats from Alaska to California. Meet the residents of sandy beaches, eelgrass beds, rocky shores, estuaries and kelp forests. Includes discussions of: coastal geology, tides, intertidal zonation, key elements of each habitat, and their residents. We begin our shore explorations on a sandy beach, seemingly devoid of life. But a closer look reveals plenty of life, below the sand. We watch a clam burrow, a shrimp dig its tunnel, an olive shell crawl beneath the surface. Where does the sand come from? Why is a sand beach so unstable? Why would any marine creatures want to live there? We then snorkel through a shallow eelgrass jungle, tall green blades waving with the currents. We discover a surprising variety of animals hiding here, some spending their juvenile stages in this protective habitat. We walk through an estuary, calm and quiet, a haven for seabirds and waterfowl above the surface, a myriad of marine invertebrates below. Estuaries have been revealed as vital habitats, important players in nature’s scheme of things, a source of food and shelter for fish, invertebrates, birds and land mammals. Rocky shores have their own special residents, most with attachment devices, adapted to this harsh neighborhood where waves pound, and the tide rolls back to expose marine life. Finally, we dive into a kelp forest. This "forest in the sea" has many of the properties of a terrestrial forest, providing shelter and nourishment for many creatures. Who lives in the canopy of a kelp forest? Who lives on the forest floor? How do sea otters keep kelp forests alive? This production was filmed along the Pacific coast from British Columbia to California. Our DVD version provides an added bonus: "A Review of Pacific Coastal Marine Animals by Biological Groups". This beautifully illustrated taxonomic review of Pacific coast marine animals, includes summaries of the physical traits shared by individuals in each taxonomic group.

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