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Wide selection of children's nature stories. These resources offer a perfect way to blend language arts with science learning, making reading relevant to topics that children are naturally curious about.

  Children's Literature with Science & Nature Themes
In this section you will find a vast array of award-winning, educational books that will garner the interest of children and adults alike. Included are the classics such as The Lorax, along with a wide selection of creative new releases.
  Storytelling Techniques and Activities
Prior to the development of written languages, individuals often communicated knowledge, values and traditions through storytelling. Children benefit greatly from storytelling, both in terms of language acquisition and in terms of human contact. This section contains a wide array of technique guides for both beginning and advanced storytellers.
  Puppets for Storytelling
Puppets are wonderful resources for teaching about food chain relationships, anatomy, animal behavior, biodiversity, and life cycles. In addition, for teachers, interpreters and naturalists, puppets make excellent models for introducing behavioral traits and adaptations found in wild animals. Children naturally gravitate toward puppets and begin role playing as soon as they pick them up, making them an excellent enrichment tool for discussions, presentations and, of course, for storytelling.
  Alphabet and Counting Books for Ages 3-8
Intriguing, beautifully illustrated series for young children. Filled with fascinating stories and tales about a vast array of creatures and their habitats. These alphabet and counting books are perfect for extended care and after school programs, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, preschool and kindergarten teachers, camp leaders, daycare providers and parents. $7.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $7.11 each.
  Nocturnal Animal Series for Ages 5-6
Five fascinating books for children in grades PreK-2 (ages 5-6). Each features colorful photos, maps, and a simple text that discusses the habitat, life cycle, range, and behavior of each species.
  Animal Homes Series for Ages 5-7.
Award-winning titles portray the diversity found in animal homes, from those found hundreds of feet high to those deep underground. These easy to read books welcome young readers into the homes of a wide variety of animals. Each includes word lists, diagrams, and notes for parents and teachers.
  Insects and Other Arthropods Series for Ages 5-7
Young children are universally fascinated by the creatures, mostly insects, that they find in yards, parks and playgrounds. This series introduces children ages 5-7 to the diversity found in insects and other arthropods. Large color photographs and simple text explore appearance, behavior and ecology of each group. Includes diagrams, word lists and notes to parents and teachers.
  Wildlife Series for Kids for Ages 5-10
With beautiful graphics and easy to read, scientifically accurate text, these inspirational books are perfect for introducing children ages 5-10 to their favorite animals.
  Take-along Nature Guides for Ages 5-10
Children ages 5-10 will enjoy the creative activities and helpful identifications found in this series. Each guide is beautifully illustrated, well written, and inquiry-oriented - perfect for hands-on learning.
  Exploring the Animal Kingdom Series for Ages 6-7
This series offers a perfect introduction to the creatures that fascinate children. Young readers will explore the similarities and differences within the animal groups by learning about specific characteristics and traits unique to each. Includes activities, fun facts, and beautiful photographs. Ideal introductory level books for children with an interest in the world around them.
  Life in a Biome Series for Ages 5-6
This series introduces young children to the concept of animal adaptation in places as diverse as deserts, oceans, rainforests, and polar regions. Children explore the diversity of global habitats and read about the animals that call these places home. Each of the eight books has a glossary, a read more section, global maps, notes to parents and teachers, and internet links. For readers ages 5-6. $6.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $6.21 each.
  Animal Behavior Series for Ages 5-7
This award-winning series (Best Books for Children, Science Books and Films) shows children how different animals hunt for food, build their homes, raise and protect their young, communicate, find food, rest, protect themselves and move around.
  One Small Square Series for Ages 6-10
This interactive, popular book series effectively teaches children how to observe nature closely at the same time as teaching basic scientific methods. Each has beautiful illustrations to accompany an informative text. Along with habitat descriptions, these books feature suggested activities to extend studies from the classroom out into the field. Ages 6-10.
  Our Wild World Series for Ages 7-12
Beautiful photographs grace the pages of these fun, fact-filled books. Each volume includes 48 pages of up-close photos, color illustrations, fun facts and informative text. Also includes internet links for further study. In addition to being fascinating to read, these books also contain the latest research findings on each group of animals, making these books perfect research tools for school reports and projects. Ages 7-12.
  Introduction to Animals Series for Ages 7-9
The wonders of nature unfold in this series of wildlife books for young readers, ages 7-9. Each of these beautifully illustrated books focuses on what the animals look like, where they live, what they eat and what eats them. Captivating photography complements and clarifies the well written text. Ideal for pleasure reading as well as research and report writing for young explorers.
  Carnivore/Herbivore/Omnivore Series for Ages 8-9
These three books for children in grades 2-3 (ages 8-9) explore the three major dietary preferences found in the animal kingdom. Each features spectacular color photographs plus a 28 minute CD with additional images and a series of interactive questions.
  Big Science Ideas Series for Ages 8-9
This series offers an ideal way to help students in grades 2-3 learn about animal diversity, form and function. Captivating text is accompanied by dramatic color photographs.
  Life Cycle Series for Ages 8-10
Dramatic color photographs and clearly written text document the life history of six common yet fascinating arthropods, from egg to adult. Perfect for teaching children in grades 2-4 about animal life cycles using species that many will be familiar with.
  Eyewitness Book Series for Ages 8-adult
In this section you will find a complete collection of the renown Eyewitness books, famous for their informative text, amazing graphics and spectacular photography.
  Writings Inspired by Nature
This section features the works of both classic and contemporary nature writers.

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