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Section includes hundreds of creative science and nature games. Designed for classrooms, outdoor education centers, after-school programs and camps seeking new, engaging learning tools that are both fun and educational.

  Acorn Naturalists Discovery Kits and Games
Acorn Naturalists has developed a wide array of unique hands-on science and nature activity kits, games, and modules for teachers, outdoor educators and parents. In this section you will find a selection educational resources available exclusively from Acorn Naturalists.
  Science and Nature Knowledge Cards
These cards are perfect for groups as well as for individual study. Features 48 cards with up-to-date information presented in a fun, interactive manner that grabs the attention of everyone. Combines learning and fun for ages 9-adult.
  Children's Bingo Games
These colorful games contain 42 illustrated bingo cards with information about each picture on the back of the card. Includes six playing boards and plenty of bingo chips. Ages 4-9.
  Lifecycle Floor Puzzles.
These colorful 48-piece floor puzzles offer a hands-on way to teach about monarch and frog life cycles. When completed, each measures 24" x 36".
  Early Childhood Education Puzzles and Blocks
This section features challenging puzzles and stacking blocks that are perfect for enhancing early childhood education programs. These puzzles emphasize science and nature learning while teaching matching and pattern recognition skills to young children. Perfect for early childhood education including extended care and after school programs, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, preschool and kindergarten teachers, camp leaders, daycare providers and parents.
  Early Childhood Memory Games
These simple, fun games are designed to help children ages 3-7 build memory and retention. Easy to handle 3" hard cardboard tiles feature animals children know and love. Each set contains 10 matching pairs.
  Wooden Memory Tiles.
Classic matching game with 12 pairs of pictures (24 tiles) made from durable, attractive 2-1/2" square varnished hardwood. Includes complete instructions. 100% made in Vermont for young children ages 3-8.
  Alphabet and Number Wall Cards
Wall cards have been used by parents and teachers for decades to introduce young children to the alphabet and numbers in a fun and friendly way. With all the technical wizardry out there, it is nice to know that this simple yet effective method of learning numbers and letters is still available, with four selections to choose from. Each heavy duty laminated card measures 8" x 10".
  Ampersand Games (Into the Forest, Krill, & more).
Includes such favorites as Krill, A Whale of a Game; Into the Forest, Nature's Food Chain Game; Onto the Desert, A Game of Survival; and Predator.
  Rubber Stamps for Ampersand Games
These high quality 2-1/2 inch square rubber stamps represent a wide array of mainly north American insect, bird and mammal species. Many of these images are used in the well known Ampersand Press games such as Into the Forest, Krill, The Bug Game, Oh Wilderness! and Predator. Use to expand or customize your own versions of these popular games or supplement your lessons on ecosystems, develop creative art projects, or to enhance animal information available in your classroom or nature center. Each anatomically accurate stamp features a colorful label and is mounted on a sturdy, easy-to-grip, wooden base.
  Science and Nature Games
Includes a variety of outdoor science and nature games for children.
  Science and Nature "Opoly" Games
These board games provide hours of science and nature learning in a fun, familar format. A number of engaging science and nature Opoly versions are now available.
  Science and Nature Oriented Mobiles
These beautiful mobiles come ready to hang - no assembly required. Each beautifully pictured animal is attached with strong thread to thin metal rods that fold out automatically when taking the mobile out - simply remove from package and mount. Each is perfectly balanced and will float in infinite patterns with only the slightest breeze. Beautiful, moving addition for classrooms, nature centers or the home or office.
  Puppets to Supplement Games and Activities
Puppets are wonderful resources for teaching about food chain relationships, anatomy, animal behavior, biodiversity, and life cycles. In addition, for teachers, interpreters and naturalists, puppets make excellent models for introducing behavioral traits and adaptations found in wild animals. Children naturally gravitate toward puppets and begin role playing as soon as they pick them up, making them an excellent enrichment tool for discussions, presentations and, of course, for storytelling.
  Audubon Birds Collection
Each Audubon bird plush bird has a sound chip featuring the call or song of the bird as recorded in the field by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Simply press the back of the bird and the singing starts! Educational tag provides additional information, contributing to the educational value of these attractive collectables. And what would a bird collection be without a few squirrels raiding the feeders? We also offer red and grey Audubon squirrels!
  Clever Catch Science and Nature Play Balls
These 24" Clever Catch® inflatable balls add a new dimension to learning fun! Toss around the classroom, playground, nature center, scout gathering or home. Wherever your left thumb lands, that is the question that is to be answered. Perfect icebreakers for beginning a topic, quizzing on what has been learned, or getting group dynamics going. Answer key and instructions are included with each Clever Catch ball.
  Professor Noggin's Science and Nature Card Games
Creative science and nature learning fun for ages 7 and up. Each of the thirty cards in each deck combines trivia, true/false, and multiple choice questions with the goal of promoting lively discussions and engaged learning. A special three-numbered dice is used to increase randomness along with promoting interactions and communications between players. Easy to hard levels keep everyone interested and challenged. Perfect games for classrooms, activity centers, campfire quizzes, boy and girl scout programs or for use as creative, educational travel games.
  Compost Gin Card Game
Wonderful way to teach the essentials of decomposition and composting. Includes 54 colorful cards depicting the different components necessary for decomposition to proceed. To make compost, students collect the right mixture of cards (different values are given to each mixture based on the probability that the mix will make good compost). The first player to get 200 points wins. Ages 8-14.
  Colorful Science and Nature Magnet Sets
Fun selection of many different science and nature-themed magnets. These come as sets of magnets showing amazing detail. Use for a wide range of learning activities on magnet boards or for artistic displays. Ages 6 and up.
  Learning Pads
Great resource for teaching about monarch life cycles and human anatomy. These full color pads contain 32 sheets with about half of the space left blank for students to fill in information, identifications, creative writing assignments about the subject matter shown, or creative art projects. Reasonably priced so each student can take home their own copy. Ages 4-9.
  Scramble Squares (Science and Nature Puzzles)
Unscramble the nine squares by perfectly matching the pictures on each square’s edges. Simple in appearance but challenging for all, ages six through adult. Puzzles feature descriptive information about the group of animals (or scenes) shown. Creative learning fun for all.
  Track Identification Scarves (Bandanas)
These wearable field guides are perfect visual aids in the field or classroom. Each 21" square scarf features 14 labeled animal tracks that are 2/3x life size (bear, 1/2 life size). These scarves include representatives of the major taxonomic families of North American mammals: Bears (Ursidae), Bison (Bovidae), Cats (Felidae), Deer group (Cervidae), Dogs (Canidae), Pronghorn (Antilocapridae), Rabbit group (Leporidae), Raccoon (Procyonidae), Shrews (Soricidae) and Weasel group (Mustelidae) plus the Rodentia Order, represented by Beaver (Castoridae), Mice & Voles (Cricetidae) and Squirrel (Sciuridae). Available in a variety of colors.
  Scat Identification Scarves (Bandanas)
These unique educational scarves feature scat drawings that are twice life size, sketched from samples found in the field. Includes ringtail, shrew, bat, racoon, armadillo, opossum, mouse and vole, bear, rabbit and hare, prairie dog, porcupine, squirrel and chipmunk, gopher, marmot and woodchuck, beaver, muskrat, pronghorn antelope, fox, weasel, mountain lion, bobcat, mountain goat, river otter, pine marten, skunk, mink, badger, wolverine, bighorn sheep, elk, deer and moose. These wearable field guides are great for field trips, hikes, or as a conversation piece. Each measures 21 inches square. Available in a variety of colors.
  Science and Nature Bandana Games for All Ages
Fun way to turn any outdoor activity into a great adventure. These durable, washable, 20” square scarves are perfect for “breaking the ice” when visiting a forest, field, desert, prairie, lake, or beach. Perfect for naturalists, teachers, camp leaders, parents and children. Activities involve observations, scavenger hunts, clue games and identifications. A variety of themes are available. Ages 5-13.
  X-ray Reproductions for Teaching Anatomy
Acorn Naturalists offers realistic looking x-rays that are reproduced from actual scans. These are perfect for creating anatomical quiz games or for studying comparative anatomy. Can be used on a light table, overhead projector, or simply taped to a window or held up to a light.

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