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Acorn Naturalists offers school supplies, science and nature activity kits, and hands-on educational resources for parents, teachers, naturalists, camp leaders, outdoor educators, homeschoolers, preschool and afterschool educators.   Acorn Naturalists was founded over three decades ago by teachers to create and distribute high quality, hands-on learning resources for use both inside and outside the classroom. The resources we offer are creative, inquiry-oriented instructional materials designed to complement Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and STEAM (A for Art) programs. We deeply appreciate your continued support as it allows us to distribute and develop new classroom and and outdoor learning resources. As has always been the case, we welcome and listen to your suggestions and comments. The consulting division, The Acorn Group, consists of planners, designers, and educators who offer award-winning services in interpretive planning and exhibit design. Projects include interpretive master plans, exhibits, panels, and programs that bring content to life. Acorn Naturalists has also been recognized for early incorporation of green programs and products. The League of Conservation Voters honored Acorn Naturalists with their Environmental Business of the Year Award. The cofounders and current directors of the company received the Howard Bell Award for Outstanding Achievements and Contributions as Leaders in the Field of Environmental Education from the Association for Environmental. Outdoor Education and the Outstanding Service to Environmental Education Award from the North American Association of Environmental Education.


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This website is brimming with school supplies and creative, field and classroom-tested learning resources for your programs. Acorn Naturalists' school supplies and outdoor activities are designed to add depth, zest, and inspiration to programs. They address Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as promote STEM and STEAM learning. We continually develop new learning resources, including hands-on activity kits, inquiry-oriented field supplies, tools for outdoor education and innovative curricula.



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We offer direct, personal service. We are a people-oriented operation and you can talk to us directly or email us with any questions. We warehouse the resources we carry which means that we can give you accurate and timely answers when you call. We know that when you call, you have a reason for doing so and that you want to talk to someone empowered to help you directly. For this reason, during regular business hours, a real person will answer your call. Acorn Naturalists is also certified as both a small business and a women's business enterprise. Please click here to open/download our Small Business Certificate and here for our Women's Business Enterprise National Certificate (WBENC).

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