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THE NORTH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION awarded Acorn Naturalists the "Outstanding Service to Environmental Education" award in recognition of Acorn Naturalists leadership efforts in the area of environmental education.


ACORN NATURALISTS RECEIVES NATIONAL CERTIFICATION FROM WOMEN'S BUSINESS ENTERPRISE NATIONAL COUNCIL (WBENC). Acorn Naturalists has been a certified small business since inception, and is also nationally certified by WBENC (, the highly respected, non-profit 501(c)(3) certification entity.

ACORN NATURALISTS MAKES FRONT PAGE NEWS! Acorn Naturalists was featured on the front page of the Orange County Register for their Center's water-wise California native plant gardens. From the start, Acorn Naturalists landscape has consisted entirely of California natives. The full text can be read here.

Mother Earth News

MOTHER EARTH NEWS described Acorn Naturalists as "The One-stop Naturalist Shop - What the Sears catalog used to be to store-starved rural Americans, the Acorn Naturalists catalog is to eager-to-learn science and nature enthusiasts. Their comprehensive catalog, free for the asking, is chock-full of hard-to-find tools, learning materials, books and field guides. Want an acid rain study kit? A replica of a grizzly bear skull? How about a pro-quality insect-collecting field net? Hand lenses and magnifiers? Acorn has it all — and then some. This is the place to look for nature-study materials of all sorts for all ages."

ACORN NATURALISTS RECEIVES TUSTIN PRESERVATION CONSERVANCY AWARD.  Acorn Naturalists received the top award for "construction that best reflects the character and integrity of the Old Town area." Acorn Naturalists received the award at the Tustin Preservation Conservancy's annual awards ceremony. To view the article, click here.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE HIGHLIGHTS AWARDS RECEIVED BY ACORN NATURALISTS. The Orange County Register published an article detailing Acorn Naturalists role in the community as well as the many awards received by the company from state and local officials. To view this article, please click here.

ACORN NATURALISTS RECEIVES ENVIRONMENTAL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD. In recognition of the company's core values of integrity and innovation, Acorn Naturalists received the Environmental Business of the Year Award from the League of Conservation Voters. These programs include Acorn Naturalists innovative practices and extensive recycling program. To read the press release associated with this award, please click here.


THE ASSOCIATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AND OUTDOOR EDUCATION awarded the founders (now Directors) of Acorn Naturalists the coveted Howard Bell Award for "Outstanding Achievements and Contributions in the Field of Outdoor and Environmental Education."

THE ACORN GROUP. Acorn Naturalists' sister company, The Acorn Group, has won both regional and national awards for exemplary interpretive planning and design work. Click here for a list of over two hundred projects completed by the The Acorn Group over the past three decades.

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