Barn Owl Pellet Kit: Advanced Kit for Grades 9-12


We apologize; this product is currently discontinued by the supplier. They may create a new edition in the future.


This comprehensive kit teaches students about the natural history of raptors and owls; in particular, it teaches techniques to identify skulls using a dichotomous key and to determine the biomass of each prey type and the percentage that each prey contributes to the owl's diet. The kit comes with an instructor's guide with information on birds of prey, objectives, step-by-step procedures, photographs of common prey found in pellets, and a key to skulls. It also includes 15 copies of the student guide with owl related charts and graphs; a food web poster; 15 wooden probes; vole skeleton transparency; and 15 owl pellets.

Box dimensions: 12" x 9" x 2¼"

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Barn Owl Pellet Kit: Advanced Kit for Grades 9-12
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