Barn Owl Pellet (Small)


Owl pellets are currently backordered for several weeks. Please try back later or call in your order to be added to our backorder list.

Owl pellets consist of undigested hair and bones that owls spit up following a meal. As such, they contain valuable clues to what the owl was eating and the habitat in which the owl was hunting. Identify bones in the pellets using bone charts or display your findings in the glass-topped displays we offer. All of our pellets are screened for quality, heat-treated, wrapped in foil, and stored in sealed plastic bags to eliminate infestation by insects. Please note that while small owl pellets provide the same hands-on investigative experience for children, these pellets mostly contain small bones and fur (usually not the skulls or complete skeletons found in regular and jumbo pellets). These pellets are wild-collected from beneath barn owl boxes that help to provide housing for these highly beneficial birds.


Order 10 or more small owl pellets and receive 10% off! Small owl pellets range in size between ¾" to 1½" long.

Receive 10% off when ordering 10 or more of this item. Upon checkout, discounts for all items are added together and collectively subtracted from the total.

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Barn Owl Pellet (Small)
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