Pacific Coast Berries (Nature Finder Guide®)


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Dichotomous key identifies plants with fleshy fruits (pomes, drupes, aggregates, accessory fruits, or true berries in botanical language). Includes the familiar plants that we think of as berries, like Raspberry or Wild Grape, but also many other plants with fleshy fruit, such as Ceanothus, Junipers, Prickly Pear, and Yucca. (Many of the plants identified have fruit that is known or suspected to be poisonous. This is not a guide to edible plants.) Covers California, Oregon and Washington, and would also be useful in British Columbia, although the range maps stop at the border. Includes all native genera and some naturalized ornamentals.

Author: Glenn Keator PhD • Illustrator: Jeanne C. Koelling

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Pacific Coast Berries (Nature Finder Guide®)
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