California Natives Trading Card Set (12 Random Cards in Waterproof Case)


California Natives Trading Card Set (12 Pack)

Random 12-pack of CA Natives Collect-em Trading Cards in a Waterproof Field Case.

  • Includes 12 randomly selected cards. May include a few duplicates for beginning trading.
  • Beautiful printed and illustrated high quality, informative cards with metallic detailed.
  • Packaged in a field-ready, rugged waterproof case.
  • Trade-em, Collect-em, and use them to ID plants and animals on the trail.

CA Natives Trading Cards are cards designed to get everyone, kids and adults alike, excited and talking about California Plants and Animals.

The front of each card has a photograph of the plant or animal along with the number. The back of each card has a hand-drawn and illustrated Nature Journaling page by Artist and Naturalist Sama Wareh discussing the species.

The more cards you have, the greater variety of games you can play. Students can challenge other trading card holders to THE CA NATIVES KNOWLEDGE CHALLENGE and possibly steal their card with more KNOWLEDGE. Before you know it, 5-year-olds will be spotting California Sycamore trees and identifying them.

For the rules and more info on how to play the games, visit

TRADING CARD LIST (as of May 2019)

1. Buckwheat

2. Toyon

3. Sagebrush

4. Pinacate Beetle

5. Chaparral Yucca

6. Poison Oak (worth 5 cards)

7. California Sycamore

8. Coast Live Oak

9. Prickly Pear Cactus

10. Mourning Dove

11. Red Shouldered Hawk

12. Coyote

13. Harvester Ant

14. Black Phoebe

15. Cottontail Rabbit

16. Acorn Woodpecker

17. Anna's Hummingbird

18. Stinging Nettle (worth 3 cards)

19. Snowy Egret

20. Great White Egret

21. California Towhee

22. Mule Fat

23. California Ground Squirrel

24. Poison Hemlock (worth 5 cards)

25. Western Scrub Jay

26. Western Bluebird

27. Turkey Vulture

28. Black Sage

29. Laurel Sumac

30. Western Fence Lizard

31. American Coot

32. Aggregating Anemone

33. Red-Tailed Hawk (GOLD CARD)- worth 10 cards (Limited Prints)

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California Natives Trading Card Set (12 Random Cards in Waterproof Case)
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