Can You Name Them All? (Knowledge Cards®)

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Can You Name Them All? (Knowledge Cards®)

A quiz deck on everything from the nine planets to the seven seas. The perfect deck of cards for individuals who want to keep their powers of memory in fit condition, and if put to work as the basis of a multiplayer quiz game, it’s guaranteed to cause an excited, hollering uproar. Quick: name the seven deadly sins, the twelve labors of Hercules, the eleven states of the Confederacy, the three musketeers, Santa’s eight reindeer (okay, that’s an easy one), and the six wives of Henry VIII (to balance out the easy one). What are the seven virtues? For those who can't wait until they get the card deck, they are: Prudence (or wisdom), Temperance, Fortitude (or courage), Justice, Faith, Hope, and Charity. If this deck isn't a conversation starter, nothing is! Deck contains 48 informative 3¼" by 4" cards.


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Can You Name Them All? (Knowledge Cards®)
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