Complete Water Quality Monitoring Kit plus Water Quality Educator CD-Rom


The Complete Water Quality Monitoring Kit from LaMotte contains seven key water quality tests as well as the Water Quality Educator CD-Rom, The Monitor’s Handbook, and links to lesson plans for grades 5 to 12. All information and tests needed to establish a water quality monitoring program are provided. The kit supplies the tools for interpreting and understanding the results obtained, with step-by-step instructions for water quality test procedures along with benchmark data for each parameter. The test parameters include pH (3.0-11.5, 100 tests), nitrate-nitrogen (0-15 ppm, 50 tests), phosphate (0-2.0 ppm, 50 tests), dissolved oxygen (0-10 ppm, 50 tests), total alkalinity (0-200 ppm, 20 tests), turbidity (0-200 JTU, 50 tests) and temperature (-5 to 45°C). A refill is also available for this kit (see Related Products, below). 

LaMotte #5870-01

For use with freshwater (pond, lake, stream, river, etc.) or saltwater (marine, oceanic) samples.

To view the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for this LaMotte kit, please click on the component links below:

For Alkaline Potassium Iodide, please click here.

For Alkalinity Titration Reagent B, please click here.

For Bromcresol Green Methyl Red Indicator Tablets, please click here.

For Manganous Sulfate Solution, please click here.

For Nitrate 1 Tablets, please click here.

For Nitrate 2 Tablets, please click here.

For pH Wide Range Indicator, please click here.

For Phosphate Acid Reagent, please click here.

For Phosphate Reducing Reagent, please click here.

For Sodium Thiosulfate, please click here.

For Starch Indicator Solution, please click here.

For Sulfuric Acid, please click here.

For Turbidity Reagent, please click here.

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Complete Water Quality Monitoring Kit plus Water Quality Educator CD-Rom
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