Deer Track Stamp Collection (Discounted Set of All 4 Track Stamps)


Deer Track Stamp Collection 

  • Collection of 4 rubber track stamps includes Deer Front Right, Front Left, Rear Right, and Rear Left
  • Wood-block mounted stamps measure 3" x 4" each
  • See Details for activity ideas and further information (below)


These accurate rubber track stamps are mounted on 3" x 4" wood blocks, with the image of the track engraved on the top of each block. Use the stamps to create and review different track patterns such as gait (walking, running, bounding), hunting, and resting, as well as to augment student journals or enhance biome scenes. Using all four tracks provides greater realism for any project. Collection includes the front right, front left, rear right, and rear left deer tracks.

Product sets are already discounted from the individual purchase price.

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Deer Track Stamp Collection (Discounted Set of All 4 Track Stamps)
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