Echo Meter Touch 2®: Ultrasonic Bat Detector/Recorder/Analyzer (iOS Version)


We apologize; this item is no longer available. 

Offering professional-grade bat detector performance at a hobbyist budget price, outdoor enthusiasts, students, and citizen scientists can now easily explore the world of bats during night hikes. Simply plug the Echo Meter Touch 2® into your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (not included) and download/launch the free app. The second-generation Echo Meter Touch 2® enables you to record and listen to bat calls in real-time and use built-in classifiers to reveal the most likely bat species match. Easy-to-see during night walks, the device provides full-color spectrograms while GPS-enabled iOS devices tag each recording with its exact location. Recordings can be shared with any other Echo Meter Touch 2® user in the world, and you can transfer the files to your computer for further analysis. The Echo Meter Touch 2® combines the benefits of portability, high-quality recording capabilities, species identification, and high-detail spectrogram analysis. The instrument is compact enough to slip into a shirt pocket and comes with its own carry pouch. Simple to use and packed with sophisticated features, the Echo Meter Touch is a state-of-the-art tool to enhance outdoor education, camp programs, citizen science activities, as well as professional bat research and census programs. 

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Echo Meter Touch 2®: Ultrasonic Bat Detector/Recorder/Analyzer (iOS Version)
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