Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature


Discover the biggest mathematical mystery in nature—Fibonacci numbers! Named after a famous mathematician, the number pattern is simple and starts with: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. Each number in the sequence comes from adding the two numbers before it. What’s the mystery? The pattern crops up in the most unexpected places. You’ll find it in the disk of a sunflower, the skin of a pineapple, and the spiral of a nautilus shell. Growing Patterns is a wonderful introduction to one of the most beautiful connections between mathematics and the natural world–through a series of stunning nature photographs. This book brings math alive, celebrates science, and will inspire kids to see nature through new eyes! Recommended for ages 7 to 10.

ISBN 9781635928372  • Author: Sarah C. Campbell • Photographer: Richard P. Campbell • Format: Paperback • Dimensions: 12" W x 7-7/16" H

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Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature
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