Hanging House Wren House


Hanging House Wren House

While most birds prefer a stable nesting box, wrens prefer hanging birdhouses that sway in the wind. This birdhouse comes complete with a chain for easy hanging in shrubbery or under a secluded eave. The rough, unpainted wood surface allows birds to perch and crawl inside as they would in natural settings. All of our birdhouses incorporate ventilation, drainage, and easy cleaning features. Note: While field testing this house, it was noted that wrens occasionally build "decoy" nests in one house while using a second one nearby as their real home. Our best success, therefore, has been when we set two or three wren houses out in an area, with the nest boxes hanging from a branch about 6 to 9 feet above the ground.


Dimensions: 7½” x 7¾” x 7½”

Entrance hole: 1" diameter

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Hanging House Wren House
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