Hester-Dendy Multi-Plate Invertebrate Sampler


Hester-Dendy Multi-Plate Invertebrate Sampler

This is the Hester-Dendy invertebrate sampling device used by the US Geological Survey and the EPA to assess aquatic species diversity in streams, ponds, lakes, estuaries, and marine environments. Simply attach a string to the sampler, leave it in the water for a period of days or weeks, and then disassemble it with a twist of a wing nut in a white dishpan of water. The sampler is built to exacting specifications using tempered hardboard with zinc-plated hardware (eyebolt, washers, and wing nut) for corrosion resistance. The wing nut design allows for manual disassembly in the field without use of special tools. We offer the standardized size employed, with 8 three-inch square plates (which help prevent excessive rolling in stream currents). The eight masonite plates have a combined surface area of 0.89 square meters. An ideal tool for science projects or field studies involving aquatic invertebrate surveys.


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Hester-Dendy Multi-Plate Invertebrate Sampler
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