Introductory Fish Printing Discovery Kit®


Introductory Fish Printing Discovery Kit®

Fish printing, the Japanese art of Gyotaku, is an excellent way to combine science and art. This kit contains everything you need to create fish prints of three common species! Includes three fish (young trout, skate, and grouper), three 1¼ oz tubes of block ink (silver, blue, and dark yellow), a 2" ink brayer (rubber roller), three plastic plates for mixing ink, three sheets of block printing pape, fish descriptions, and complete directions. All materials are conveniently packaged in a useful storage box. A fun, hands-on learning activity for ages 6 to adult (grades 1 and up).


Introduction (from the activity booklet that comes with this kit):

Fish printing is a perfect way to combine science (fish diversity, anatomy, ecology), art (create colorful displays), math (measure fins, proportions, count fin rays), reading (combine with fish stories), and writing (write fact or fiction about the fish) while practicing the ageless art of Gyotaku, or fish printing. Before cameras, fishermen often recorded large or unusual specimens by making ink block reproductions of their catch. Now your students can develop beautiful, scientifically accurate prints without having to locate real fish. All you need is block ink, an ink roller, newspaper, and any art paper. For dramatic prints, ink a replica with multiple colors. Kit contents : This kit contains a replica of a young trout, skate, and grouper; silver, blue, and dark yellow block ink; ink brayer; three plates; three sheets of rice paper; and an activity booklet.

For a helpful video demonstrating fish printing techniques please click here!


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Introductory Fish Printing Discovery Kit®
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