Kick Net (Pole Net)


Kick Net 

This GLOBE-approved kick net is ideal for a variety of aquatic invertebrate studies. The netting material meets EPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocols for benthic macroinvertebrate sampling. Specifications: This one-meter square, 500 micron white mesh net is hemmed to hold poles and features a reinforced bottom seam. Made by LaMotte Company (#0021). Use: In flowing streams, hold the net downstream while rocks, aquatic plants, or debris are rustled upstream, releasing invertebrates and other organisms to float with the current into the net. In still water such as ponds, lakes, or slow moving rivers, brush the net along the bank to catch a wide array of invertebrates, small fish, and amphibians. Poles: This net is designed for use with two 4' long x 1" diameter wood poles, available from most hardware stores.


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Kick Net (Pole Net)
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