Malibu Diary: Notes From an Urban Refugee

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Malibu Diary: Notes From an Urban Refugee

Malibu, a beautiful natural landscape north of Los Angeles, also features geological, climatic and human treachery. Attracted by the beauty of the area, this author/journalist soon found herself deeply engaged in a community where speculators lust after the magnificent hills and beachfront, Native Americans struggle to protect the artifacts of their ancestors, and locals, no matter how resistant to development, are forced to address such pressing urban issues as zoning and sewage treatment. Malibu’s decision to incorporate introduced politics into the quiet village, and horrendous fires and floods. This book combines environmental history, personal memoir, and a thoughts on the relationships between humans and the landscapes they love.


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ISBN 0874175666

Author: Penelope Grenoble O'Malley

Format: Hardcover

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Malibu Diary: Notes From an Urban Refugee
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