Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Models Set


Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Models Set

This educational four-piece set is excellent for the study and demonstration of life cycles. The durable, hand-painted models are perfect for enhancing lesson plans or learning through creative play. The phthalate-free replicas meet all toy safety standards and are recommended for children ages 4 and up. This set displays monarch eggs, caterpillar, chrysallis, and adult monarch stages.


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Package dimensions: 9" T x 7¾" W

Eggs on leaf dimensions: 2¼" L x 1" W

Caterpillar dimensions: 2½" L x ½" W x 2" H

Chrysalis on branch dimensions: 2¼" L x ¾" W x 2" H

Adult dimensions: 2¼" L x 3" W x ½" H

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Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Models Set
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