Natural Pine Egg Stand (3 Small Holes on One Round)


We apologize; this item is no longer available.

This elegant stand is hand crafted from tree rounds sliced from tree trimmings. The rounds are sustainably collected and then cut, baked, sanded, drilled, and sealed. Each tree round stand is unique, with the natural, concentric growth rings beautifully accenting any oval egg replica. Combine the stand with our clear presentation cases for an attractively presented and protected exhibit. This stand holds three small egg replicas.

Hole size: ½"

Perfect for our bluebird, blue jay, brown-headed cowbird, cardinal, catbird, flicker, meadowlark, mockingbird, mourning dove, robin, scrub jay, starling, and whip-poor-will egg replicas.


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Natural Pine Egg Stand (3 Small Holes on One Round)
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