Nature Circles® Pond & Stream Life Card Set


Nature Circles® Pond & Stream Life Card Set

This attractive set of clear line drawings displays 24 different freshwater organisms found in streams, ponds, and lakes, along with descriptive information. One side of each card features a drawing of the invertebrate while the other side contains information about the animal. The aquatic invertebrates featured include flatworm, leech, pond snail, freshwater clam, scuds, crayfish, mayfly, dragonfly nymph, damselfly nymph, dobsonfly, stonefly, caddisfly (leaf), caddisfly (stone), water strider, water boatman, backswimmer, water scorpion, water penny, giant water bug, predacious diving beetle, whirligig beetle, blackfly larva, mosquito larva, and cranefly larva. (If you have any of the species shown on the cards in the classroom, you can set these cards next to the displays to add interest and provide information!) This set is perfect for identification and matching activities in classrooms, learning centers, science/outdoor education facilities, or for use in the field. Nature Circles® cards are held together by a clip that allows individual cards to be easily removed, reorganized if desired, and attached to a clipboard, belt loop or pack. The cards measure 3 inches in diameter and are printed locally on recycled paper. For ages 8-adult.


Nature Circles® Discount: Receive 10% off when ordering 10 or more (mix or match) of any of the Nature Circles® Cards. Upon checkout, discounts for all items are added together and collectively subtracted from the total.

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Nature Circles® Pond & Stream Life Card Set
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