Omnivore Replica Pack@ Set (2 Discounted Packs)


Omnivore Replica Pack@ Set (2 Discounted Packs)

This set of animal replica packs allow for in-depth study and comparisons of two common North American omnivores. Each pack includes the skull replica cast, flexible track replicas, flexible track molds (for making casts), the ScatCast® replica, the Trace-A-Skull® template, an articulating Skull Model®, the Nature Circles® Track/Scat Card Set, the Nature Circles® Skulls Card Set, the DuraGuide® to Animal Skulls and Bones, the DuraGuide® to Animal Tracking, and the Pocket Naturalist® Guide to Animal Tracks. For ages 11 to adult. This set includes Coyote and Raccoon Replica Packs®.


Product sets are already discounted from the individual purchase price.

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Omnivore Replica Pack@ Set (2 Discounted Packs)
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