Pillbug and Sowbug Discovery Kit®


Pillbug and Sowbug Discovery Kit®

Because they are found just about everywhere, pillbugs (or roly-polies) and their cousins, sowbugs, are often observed by children. These harmless creatures are isopods, related to lobsters, crabs and crayfish. This discovery kit contains everything needed to raise pillbugs except the pillbugs themselves, which can be found in abundance under rocks, logs or damp debris in yards and school grounds. Kit features a 14" long x 8" wide x 6" tall observation container (with a perforated lid with access ports), the 100-page National Science Teachers Association book The Pillbug Project, plenty of bark pieces for hiding, three 3x hand-lenses, and a bag of appropriate pill bug substrate material for them to crawl around in. Recommended for grades 3-5, with adult supervision. Interesting fact: females keep their eggs underneath them until the young hatch out as self-sufficient mini-pillbugs! 


Introduction (from the activity booklet that comes with this kit):

Children are fascinated by pillbugs and sowbugs, which are usually easy to locate under rocks or fallen branches. They aren’t “bugs” at all, but rather crustaceans (arthropods with exoskeletons, antennae and jointed limbs) like lobsters, crayfish and crabs. Pillbugs and sowbugs are called isopods, which translates into “legs that are same size and shape.” They breathe through gill-like structures and prefer moist places where their gills won’t dry out. When disturbed, or under very dry conditions, pillbugs roll into a ball, conserving moisture and protecting their soft underbelly. Sowbugs aren’t able to roll into tight balls, but can curl somewhat when disturbed. Females pillbugs and sowbugs carry their eggs in a pouch until their young hatch and crawl away.

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Pillbug and Sowbug Discovery Kit®
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