Pine Cone Bird Feeder Discovery Kit®


Pine Cone Bird Feeder Discovery Kit®

This unique all-season bird feeder kit contains 40 medium-sized (4"-5") pine cones along with six reusable plates, biodegradable green jute twine, easy-to-follow directions, recipes for irresistible bird food, plus a booklet with additional activities and resources. All parts of the finished feeder, including the hanging material, are biodegradable, so if a clever squirrel makes off with one, the feeder will simply turn into compost. Experiment with different recipes and a variety of hanging locations, and compare seasonal differences in feeding species. A perfect classroom, camp, nature center, or home activity. Recommended for ages 6 to 13, with adult supervision.


Introduction (from the activity booklet that comes with this kit):

You can easily watch birds in schoolyards, city parks, and backyards. Species will vary depending on location and season, but in most locations you can find species that will be attracted to pine cone feeders year-round. For younger children, simply creating the pine cone feeder will be an exciting activity. Older children can take it a step further by experimenting with different seed mixtures, trying different locations, varying the time of year the feeders are set out, and noting which, and how many birds are attracted to them under varying conditions. Teachers can extend activities by having students take the feeders home and observe over whatever time period is appropriate. The recipe in this booklet can be varied depending on what is available and what seems to work, but a few common principles apply. For ease of handling, tie the string to the tip of the cone prior to coating it with “sticky mixes.” Most of the mixes involve nut butters. Always blend with with butter or margarine as straight nut butters can sometimes stick to the birds’ throats. Also check to make sure no one in the class has any peanut or other nut allergies before starting. As an alternative to nut butters, you can experiment with a mix of honey, corn meal, and bird seed. When using honey, try different percentages of each ingredient (honey, corn meal, and seed) until it is sticky enough to stay on the cone.

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Pine Cone Bird Feeder Discovery Kit®
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