Replicas (Animal Skull, Tooth, Claw, Talon, Fur, Feather, Egg, & Fossil)

Models and replicas are ideal hands-on resources for exploring anatomy, animal structure, adaptations, animal diversity, form and function. For over three decades, Acorn Naturalists has been a leader in the providing educational models and replicas, with our latest being our new line of feather and fur replicas, along with resources we have offered for decades including animal skull, tooth, claw, talon, egg and fossil replicas. We also offer inquiry-oriented classroom animal anatomy study kits including Bird Beaks, Animal Adaptations and Food Chain Discovery Kits. You can also purchase, at a discount, our educational animal replica packs focusing on individual animals, including black bear, beaver, bobcat, cougar, coyote, deer, red fox, opossum, raccoon and gray squirrel. These animal form and function teaching sets include a skull, track and scat replica, track mold, track casting plaster, skull template, skull model, bird and mammal track and scat identification cards, bird and mammal skull identification cards, field guide to animal skulls and bones, guide to animal tracking techniques and animal tracks identification guide. These packs are offered at a discount compared to purchasing these resources individually.

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