Owl (Great Horned) Egg Replica


Great Horned Owl Egg Replica

This exquisite, museum-quality Bone Clones® ceramic Bubo virginianus egg replica is perfect for your classroom, nature center, or home. Each egg is handcrafted by local artisans to resemble eggs as they would be found in the wild. As the eggs are created one at a time, there may be slight variations (just as occurs in natural eggs). These high-quality replicas are recommended for use by teachers and students ages 11 and up. This egg replica comes with a clear cylinder stand for display. Combine this handcrafted egg with our clear presentation cases for an attractively presented and protected exhibit - please see display case "C" in the Related Products section below. Match with our great horned owl skull and/or talon replicas to create a beautiful, instructive resource!


Owl (Great Horned) Egg Replica
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Owl (Great Horned) Egg Replica Owl (Great Horned) Egg Replica Owl (Great Horned) Egg Replica

Dimensions: 51 mm (length) x 43 mm (girth)

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Owl (Great Horned) Egg Replica
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