Feather Replica Collection

These life-size bird feather replicas are scanned directly from permitted bird feather collections. Feathers are laser-cut and pop out individually from the sheet. Use these bird feather replicas to "seed" trails and have young explorers find and collect them. Spread the feather replicas out on a table and have students organize, classify, and study key feather identifying features. These crisp, high resolution, two-sided feather images are printed on waterproof "paper" that is derived from minerals, not trees. If needed, the feather replicas can be wiped clean with warm soapy water. A total of 63 different bird North American bird species are represented, including hawk feathers, owl feathers, hummingbird, mockingbird, nourning dove, cardinal, pheasant, duck, heron, crane, and dozens of other bird feathers.

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