Bird Talon & Feather Replicas

Bird talon replicas are ideal for demonstrating how birds of prey grasp using their strong, recurved talons. Bird talons are cast using durable and realistic looking hard polymer resins. Acorn Naturalists unique bird feather replicas are laser-cut on thick, waterproof paper and pop out individually from the sheet, leaving behind a feather silhouette which can be used for tracing more feathers. Use these feather replicas to "seed" trails and have young explorers find and collect them and then spread them out on a table to organize, classify, and list key identifying features. These realistic looking, two-sided feather images are printed on waterproof "paper" that is derived from minerals, not trees (thus no bleaching chemicals are used in the manufacture of this green resource). If needed, the feather replicas can be wiped clean with warm soapy water. These feather models are extremely accurate, having been scanned and reproduced directly from permitted feather collections. A total of 63 different bird North American bird feather replicas are available, including birds of prey, owls, aquatic, marine, and terrestrial bird species. These resources provide unique, hands-on learning opportunities for ages 8-adult.

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