Saltwater Fish Printing Replica Collection (Discounted Set of 9 Fish Replicas)


Saltwater Fish Printing Replica Collection 

  • Collection of 9 freshwater fish replicas includes: FlounderGrouperHogfish, Opaleye PerchSalmon (Adult), Sea StarSkateSkipjack Tuna, and Squirrelfish
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Product sets are already discounted from the individual purchase price.

Fish printing, the Japanese art of Gyotaku, is an excellent way to combine science and art. Each fish replica has been cast in flexible, non-toxic plastics from real fish specimens. The casting image is raised on one side of the replica; the reverse is flat for easy handling. Simply ink the fish and roll on paper to “capture” the species as a print. When finished, replicas can be easily cleaned with soapy water. We also offer a variety of washable block inks, ink rollers, and rice paper to enhance your fish printing activities. This collection includes FlounderGrouperHogfishOpaleye PerchSalmon (Adult), Sea StarSkateSkipjack Tuna, and Squirrelfish. 

For a helpful video demonstrating fish printing techniques please click here!

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Saltwater Fish Printing Replica Collection (Discounted Set of 9 Fish Replicas)
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