Bugs (Fandex® Family Field Guide)


Bugs (Fandex® Family Field Guide)

From Fandex®, each title in this unique series contains die-cut cards with color photographs and information that can be "fanned out" in the field. This guide brings insects and other arthropods to your fingertips! It combines fascinating information about 48 arthropods with stunning images that reveal their subjects' shimmery wings, iridescent shells, vivid hues, and bold shapes in astonishing detail. Every card includes a detailed description, habitat and scientific name, lore, field notes on lifecycle, field marks, and size, as well as sidebars covering topics such as a fly's ability to walk upside-down and how bees make honey.


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ISBN 9780761154143

Author: Sarah Goodman

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Bugs (Fandex® Family Field Guide)
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