Field Guide to Insects & Spiders (National Audubon Society®)


Field Guide to Insects & Spiders (National Audubon Society®)

National Audubon Society® guides feature full-color glossy photographs that arrange animals by similar appearance rather than by strict family grouping. This system is particularly useful when identifying arthropods in the field, where several unrelated species may share similar markings. Spiders, bugs, moths, butterflies, beetles, bees, flies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and many other insects are detailed in this title with more than 700 full-color photographs visually arranged by shape and color. The descriptive text includes measurements, diagnostic details, and information on habitat, range, feeding habits, sounds or songs, flight period, web construction, life cycle, behaviors, folklore, and environmental impact. An illustrated key to the insect orders and detailed drawings of the parts of each animal supplement this extensive coverage.


ISBN 9780394507637

Authors: Lorus Milne, Margery Milne

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Field Guide to Insects & Spiders (National Audubon Society®)
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