Mammal Replicas & Puppets

Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of mammal skulls, mammal track and scat replicas, mammal tooth and claw replicas and mammal fur replicas. Replicas offer accuracy, strength and durability, and do not have the special storage, handling, and permit requirements needed for real specimens. These mammal replicas are thus perfect learning resources for schools, nature centers, camps, after-school programs as well as for educational home displays. Acorn Naturalists mammal scat replicas offer unique, high quality replicas that, when scattered along a trail, provide perfect "props" for discovery by students, followed by discussions of mammals found in the area and what the scat reveals about them. We also carry a wide array of mammal puppets and models along with Acorn Naturalists mammal skull replica packs that offer a selection of study resources for different mammal species, at discount pricing.

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