Fox Flexible Track Replica


Fox Flexible Track Replica

This fox track replica is from a red fox, but similar in morphology to other fox species. This set of two (front and hind) life-size, flexible fox track replicas offer the feel of “real” fox paws. Accurately cast from museum specimens, these fox track replicas show every skin fold, fur tuft, and claw. Use track replicas to teach about animal tracking, anatomy, adaptation, behavior, and ecology. Make prints in soft mud for identification, or create casts with Perfect Cast® or Perfect Mold®, the durable compounds used by museum professionals (also available from Acorn Naturalists). Attach track replicas to wood blocks using vinyl glue to construct track stamps. To keep track replicas fresh, wash occasionally with detergent. Track replicas are recommended for ages 8 and up, with adult supervision.


Fox (Red) Flexible Track Replica
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Fox (Red) Flexible Track Replica Fox Flexible Track Replica Fox Flexible Track Replica

Front Track Dimensions: 2¾" L x 2¼" W x 1" H

Hind Track Dimensions: 2¾" L x 2" W x 1" H

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Fox Flexible Track Replica
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