Cheetah (Dew) Claw Replica


Cheetah Dew Claw Replica

A dew claw (or dewclaw) is an elevated vestigial claw on the rear of the foot that assists in trapping a cheetah's prey. The dew claw remains sharp while the rest of a cheetah's claws are worn down by running. This realistic, life-size Acinonyx jubatus claw replica is ideal for demonstrations on diverse animal adaptations, prey capture methods, and anatomy. The museum-quality, Bone Clones® reproduction is cast in durable polymer resins. Replicas are recommended for ages 6 and up, with adult supervision. Tip: Use our glass-topped display cases or boxes to create your own unique replica presentations!


Claw measures 1" long.

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Cheetah (Dew) Claw Replica
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