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The washable printing inks Acorn Naturalists offers come in 1¼ ounce individual size and 5 ounce class size tubes. These specialized printing inks have adhesive characteristics (stickiness) that make them ideal for creating beautiful fish prints that show details of fish scales, eyes and fins. Because these specialty inks stick to the fish replica, they provide a crisp image every time that doesn't "mash" or blur. These inks are also ideal for making leaf prints or track prints. These block printing inks are water soluable, so clean-up just involves rinsing with soap and water. We also offer tubes of ink retarder (slows ink drying time) and ink extender (creates softer colors). Two sizes of brayers (rubber ink rollers) are offered for thinly spreading fish printing inks evenly over the surface of the fish, again producing superior fish prints when compared to brushing on fish printing inks. Also available in this section are special rice papers which make the most beautiful prints due to the unique composition of rice paper and many colors of ink stamp pads.

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