Rice Papers, Brayers (ink rollers), & Ink Modifiers

The rice paper we offer makes beautiful fish or leaf prints but can also be used for drawing, calligraphy, or painting with watercolors. This rice paper has different surfaces on each side of the sheet, one with more grain to hold printing inks or paint, giving character and creating softer edges, and a smooth side that is perfect for writing or calligraphy. Available as individual sheets (100 sheets, each 9 inches x 13 inches) and by the roll (12 inches x 50 feet). The ink brayers we offer are ideal for spreading inks prior to rolling ink on the fish, leaf, or track replicas and feature a heavy duty comfort-grip handle with thumb rest. Brayers also feature a durable rubber roller with a strong metal core that won't bend with use. Two sizes available, both sturdily built for classroom use.

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