Flow, Spin, Grow: Looking for Patterns in Nature (Paperback)


Flow, Spin, Grow: Looking for Patterns in Nature

Branching, spiraling, spinning—you can find patterns almost anywhere in nature if you look for them. Just as the branches of a tree spread upwards into the sky, roots branch deep into the ground. Branches also spread through our bodies, inside our lungs and veins. Connections like these are everywhere: Storms, pine cones, snail shells, and ears all have spirals. Electrons, moons, yo-yos, and galaxies all spin. With brief text and full-spread illustrations, this book inspires kids to observe, discover, and explore hidden structures and shapes in the natural world around them and within them. Why are things the way they are? This question, key to scientific inquiry, runs throughout the text. Stewart’s multi-layered screen prints show natural world’s inherent beauty, from the curve of your ear to the spiraling arms of our galaxy. Kids will come away with a deeper understanding that we are all connected to nature and part of its patterns. Ages 4-8. 


ISBN 9781771472876

Author: Patchen Barss

Illustrator: Todd Stewart

Format: Hardcover

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Flow, Spin, Grow: Looking for Patterns in Nature (Paperback)
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