Reptile Shed Signature Display (Animal Signatures® Display Series)


Reptile Shed Signature Display (Animal Signatures® Display Series)

Just as we learn to identify the handwriting of others, we can learn to read “signatures” left behind by wildlife. By recognizing these animal clues, it is possible to conclude which animals are in the area. This unique, glass-topped display provides real examples of these clues, or signatures. Each sample is collected from the wild with careful regard to environmental impact, and assembled by Acorn Naturalists. With this display, discover how reptiles shed their skin as they grow, leaving behind clues about their size and species. This display contains a small complete snake shed shown removed by a snake scraping along rough-edged rocks, plus a section of a large snake shed. Information about the samples shown is provided on the back, making this display perfect for educators. Our signature displays are recommended for ages 8 to adult.



Dimensions: 6" L x 8" W x ¾" D

Quoted from the label on the back of the display:

"Our skin cells shed constantly, but reptiles cast off their old skin all at once. Once a reptile is ready to shed, it brushes up against rough rocks or other hard surfaces and twists upside down to put more pressure on the nose area, rubbing until the old skin tears. The old skin is then pushed down past the nose and face. As the reptile proceeds to squeeze through rocks or along bark, the skin slowly rolls past the jaws and down along the body. The small, complete shed in this display is a first shed of a young snake while the larger piece is from an adult snake."

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Reptile Shed Signature Display (Animal Signatures® Display Series)
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