Track Scarves Collection (Discounted Set of 6 Colors)


Track Scarves Collection 

  • Each 21" square "wearable field guide" displays 14 labeled animal tracks of North America
  • Collection of 6 colors includes Ecru, Chambray, Lime Green, Red, Turquoise, and Yellow
  • See Details for activity ideas and further information (below)


Product sets are already discounted from the individual purchase price.

These creative visual aids to tracking are excellent either as wearable field guides or learning center wall hangings. Outdoor educators and naturalists use these wearable guides on hikes and for "who was here" games. The 21" bandanas each feature 14 labeled animal tracks at ⅔ life size (bear is ½ life size). Each scarf includes representatives of the major taxonomic families of North American mammals: Black Bear (Ursidae), Bison (Bovidae), Mountain Lion (Felidae), Deer (Cervidae), Wolf (Canidae), Pronghorn (Antilocapridae), Snowshoe Hare (Leporidae), Raccoon (Procyonidae), River Otter and Skunk (Mustelidae), and Shrew (Soricidae), plus the Rodentia Order, represented by Beaver (Castoridae), Mouse (Cricetidae), and Tree Squirrel (Sciuridae). This collection includes one scat scarf each in the following six colors: Ecru, Chambray, Lime Green, Red, Turquoise, and Yellow.

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Track Scarves Collection (Discounted Set of 6 Colors)
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Customer Suggestions
  1. Tracking with Young Students
    One way these can be used it to place them on the ground outside and have students use them as a reference when they find real animal tracks. I also had Kindergarten students match the replica animal tracks I have to the tracks on the scarf (which was an activity they really enjoyed). Since the scarves have large pictures and are made of cloth, they are more engaging for young learners (as opposed to using a field guide).

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