Kind Fur Replicas (Boxes)

These faux furs have the feel of animal pelts or animal study skins, but not the shape. These Kind Fur® replicas are securely adhered to the inside of a protective 12" long x 9" wide x 2" deep wooden slide-top box. Students can study and feel the animal fur, and then slide the protective lid over it when done to keep out dust. Boxes are labeled, making it easy to match an animal fur sample with animal skull, track, claw or scat replicas. Teachers can also cover over the name on the box and have students then develop dichotomous keys to identify each of the skins, thus honing their observation skills in the process. Over thirty different animal fur replicas are now available, including opossum, beaver, muskrat, squirrel, rabbit, bat, bear, cougar, bobcat, raccoon, skunk, badger, weasel, coyote, red fox, gray fox, and wolf fur replicas. In addition to many other educational uses, fur replicas fit into the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS), specifically Disciplinary Core Idea (DCI) LS1.

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