Get Outdoors!® Rocks and Minerals Field Pack


Get Outdoors!® Rocks and Minerals Field Pack

Children have a natural interest in rocks, gems, and minerals from an early age. For some, this initial curiosity turns into a lifelong interest in geology or the lapidary arts. This discovery pack features the Acorn Naturalists 3x magnifier, the Golden Guide to Rocks and Minerals, Geology Rocks activity book, a clear mineral display box, a mineral test kit, and the field edition of Journeys through Journaling, all contained in a sturdy backpack. Get Outdoors!® Field Packs are recommended for children ages 8 to 10.


GET OUTDOORS!® FIELD PACKS. Acorn Naturalists. Use these packs as “starter kits” to initiate interest in science while teaching observation and identification skills. Each self-contained pack features a carefully selected set of resources and equipment. To customize to your area, simply add regional field guides to these packs. We can also custom tailor Get Outdoors® field packs to your specific program. Call or email us for more infomation.

Backpack dimensions: 16½" x 11½" x 6½"

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Get Outdoors!® Rocks and Minerals Field Pack
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