Hydropower Renewable Energy Science Kit


Hydropower Renewable Energy Science Kit

Hydropower has been used for hundreds of years in watermills and is now commonly used to generate electricity. Within this kit, children ages 8 and up will explore the power of water by building models and conducting experiments with them. They will learn how different devices are used to extract useful energy from moving water—from a waterwheel in a small stream to a giant turbine in a tidal power station. Kids can build a waterwheel, a sawmill, and a hammer mill to harness the energy of moving water for different types of physical work. Children can investigate the intriguing properties of water by performing experiments involving surface tension, adhesion, and cohesion. They will also learn about water pressure by building a water tower, communicating vessels, and a water fountain. Finally, kids will study the sources of energy in ocean waves, tides, and rivers, then discover how we can generate electricity from them. 


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Hydropower Renewable Energy Science Kit
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