Invasion Ecology (Teacher's Edition)


Invasion Ecology (Teacher's Edition)

An informative curriculum that introduces students in grades 9 to 12 to the fast-evolving field of invasive species monitoring and control. In the first section, students gain an understanding of how invasives affect local plants and animals. The second section concentrates on methods of monitoring invasives (transect surveys) while the third section contains useful worksheets that guide students through their own interactive research. Students learn to apply scientific knowledge to solving real-life problems. This teacher's edition is useful to help guide student research projects. From the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).


Invasion Ecology (Teacher'S Edition)
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Invasion Ecology (Teacher'S Edition) Invasion Ecology (Teacher's Edition) Invasion Ecology (Teacher's Edition) Invasion Ecology (Teacher's Edition)

Authors: Marianne Krasny, Nancy Trautmann, William Carlsen, Christine Cunningham

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Invasion Ecology (Teacher's Edition)
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