Field Guide to Mammals (National Audubon Society®)


Field Guide to Mammals (National Audubon Society®)

National Audubon Society® guides feature full-color glossy photographs that arrange animals by similar appearance rather than by strict family grouping. This system is particularly useful when identifying mammals in the field, where several unrelated species may appear similar. From a stop-action photograph of the amazing flying squirrel to Big Horn Sheep perched on a rock face, this title puts the world of mammals in your hands. Illustrated with more than 300 full-color photographs, each species description includes information on physical characteristics, size, similar species, breeding, tracks and other signs, habitat, and range, as well as commentary on feeding, nesting, and other behaviors. Easy-to-read range maps, detailed anatomical illustrations of different mammals, track illustrations, and a state-by-state location guide make this the decisive authority on North American mammals.


Mammals (National Audubon Society Field Guide)
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Mammals (National Audubon Society Field Guide)

ISBN 9780679446316

Author: John O. Whitaker, Jr.

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Field Guide to Mammals (National Audubon Society®)
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