Pacific Northwest (National Audubon Society® Regional Field Guide)


Pacific Northwest (National Audubon Society® Regional Field Guide)

This National Audubon Society®resource presents readers with a compact, comprehensive field guide to the natural features of the Pacific Northwest. Whether at home or on the road, the guide provides an overview of common wildflowers, trees, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, geology, fossils, weather, ecology, and night skies often found throughout the region. The guide also includes an extensive sampling of the area's best parks, preserves, beaches, forests, islands, and wildlife sanctuaries, with detailed descriptions and visitor information for 50 sites and notes on dozens of others. The guide is packed with visual information -- the 1,500 full-color images include more than 1,300 photographs, 14 maps, and 16 night-sky charts, as well as 150 drawings explaining everything from geological processes to the basic features of different plants and animals. A perfect title for anyone visiting or living in the area (Washington and Oregon).


ISBN 9780679446798

Author: P. Alden, A. Gregoret, R. Keen, D. Mathews, E. Oches, D. Paulson, R. Sundstrom, W. Zomlefer

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Pacific Northwest (National Audubon Society® Regional Field Guide)
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